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Why do I need an on hold music system?

MOH (or Music On Hold) Reinforces ad campaigns
Builds buyer confidence
Enhances company image- this is HUGE!
Entertains callers
Creates sales opportunities
Reassures callers that they are not forgotten
Keeps callers from hanging-up
Psychologically reduces hold-time
Over 85% of callers prefer MOH systems

Why Ad-Ventures Audio Solutions?
service, quality audio, and value.  Here are a few other reasons:
Professional nationally-recognized voice talents
The music we provide is fully licensed - with no fees.
Our in-house studio provides speedy production delivery.
We are competitively priced.
Equipment is easily setup.
Friendly and knowledgeable customer service & support.
On Hold Message updates can be received online or mailed.
Your company is assigned a personal "on-hold concierge".
We are telephony, computer and audio experienced. What counts!

Will the on hold device work with my current phone system?
Ad-Ventures offers equipment that is compatible with both digital PBX (KSU) phone systems (often found in business offices) and analog phones (most commonly used at home or in smaller offices). If you don't have a big business phone system, we have simple adapters that will give your phones on hold music capability. They install just like an answering machine and work brilliantly to provide your callers with a world-class on-hold experience. For more details contact Ad-Ventures regarding the appropriate on-hold system for your business.  Call 919-439-9066

What kind of on-hold repeaters do you offer?
We maintain inventory of several varieties of on-hold repeaters and adapters (if you do not have music on hold capabilities on your phones.) Here is a popular option:

    CD-Load Digital Player Repeater



What is so good about the digital MOH playback system?
Our MOH digital playback systems store audio to digital memory and replay it constantly without any moving parts. No moving parts mean maintenance-free operation. They are simple to install (of course, if you should ever require technical assistance-we can assist.)

Why don't I see prices on this website?
We are a competitively priced music on hold provider of many audio services to a variety of companies. Within just a short few minutes of discussion about your needs we can provide you with appropriate pricing for your company. Pricing depends upon equipment needs, number of locations, frequency of program changes, special language requirements, automated attendant recordings, etc. – which is reflected in our pricing. We know you'll be pleased at the overall value that we are able to provide to your company.

Who writes the on hold script?
Our in-house staff of MOH scriptwriters will craft a script custom script for you. We help create your script based on: 1) information that you provide to us about your business, 2) goals that you wish to accomplish with your on-hold marketing, 3) previous scripts that we've created for similar businesses in the past, and 4) our savvy knowledge of what callers want to hear and what they don't want to hear. Once we complete your rough draft, we'll send it over to you for your review and approval. It really is that simple.

What you can message to your customers?
Price offerings
Discounts Customer service
Hours of operation
Contact information;  including Website address and email
New products and services
Speed of service
“See our online catalog”
“In the event of an emergency…”
“We specialize in…”
“Sign up for our monthly newsletter online at…”
“Recent awards that we have received include…”
“We are a family owned and operated business…”
“Our quality standards are among the highest in the industry…”
“Did you know that…”
“We've been in business for x years…”

How often should I change my on-hold message?
It depends on your business sounding fresh and new.  If you're in an industry that has frequent promotions and changing product information, then you might consider updating it frequently. If you business is seasonal, however, then it would be in your best interest to change your program for those seasons. Keeping your program up to date is a good way to inform callers of recent changes: specials, employees, hours, contact information, etc.

We already have an on-hold system. But, we like the looks and sounds of Ad-Ventures Audio Solutions. What should we do?
Give us a call - We're friendly, and always polite and will work with any existing system you have installed if possible.

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