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Ad-Ventures Telephone On Hold Music Equipment and Digital Players Ad-Ventures provides quality digital on hold music players and equipment which is very simple to install. Our state-of-the-art digital on hold equipment's technology is seamless, with no down time.

Listen to our impressive on hold demos! Hold Player Equipment Packages come complete with your music and your personal messages. We suggest the best choice of voice over talent and music to complete your "image" and business message. Ad-Ventures will make your telephone system come to life!

Our On Hold Music Equipment is designed to fit your current telephone system.

Is it difficult to install the On Hold equipment?
Did you know that most PBX and KEY phone systems today have the capability for On Hold Music to be installed? It's true! You may easily arrange to have your telephone equipment vendor install your player or you can utilize our on-line instructions to complete the installation. However you choose, each digital on hold music player comes equipped with simple instructions to follow. Itís a simple plug and play. On hold systems that will work to impress callers!  

How come I can not use my own player to play Ad-Ventures productions?
You can! In most cases we can still provide you an on hold music production for your on hold player equipment you already have installed. We can provide many popular player file formats necessary for your audio production to be broadcasted to your callers. We even have VOIP covered!

What choices do I have for my on hold messages and music?
Who are your callers? What would they like to know? For simply a company image purpose, you may decide on a great choice of music and your company name, location and hours of operation ,or decide on a full advertisement featuring your company's product and service offerings. On-hold music advertising helps to increase your sales by highlighting you products and services, your website address and promotions you might be offering. For the Holidays or special occasions, you can add your own personal message and decide on a complete Holiday theme. We can help suggest the best music theme for your company and complete your script writing. We listen to what it is that your business does and help you decide what message and music is best suits your business. Whether you choose us for a one-time production or require frequent changes, we will guide you by offering subscription choices, music suggestions full script writing services to complete your on-hold production and make your on hold player system WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS!




















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