On hold music and message advertising is the most popular and
cost effective advertising solution to inform and educate callers
about your business. Nobody knows the importance of corporate
branding and about corporate image better then Ad-Ventures .
Telephone on hold marketing with music and messages will not only
entertain and reassure your patrons, enhance your corporate
branding image -  telephone on hold advertising will increase your
professional image. Use this as a powerful business tool to have
your company sound its best and distinguish you from the

     The most effective sales tool for your business !

On-hold music entertainment is today's smart marketing investment.
It is a necessary compliment to any business phone system. Do you
know anyone who is not in a hurry these days? An occasional
"beep", bad music, or worse—dead-air, will cause a customer to
abandon a call, or hang on becoming frustrated.

We can help you develop targeted messaging with the right music
to represent your organization. Radio broadcasts on your phone?
They might advertise a competitor. You never know what you're
going to get. And why use just music, when you could be presenting
the great things about your business in a relaxed environment?


On Hold Music for Business

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